Discover how smart Greek astronomers were and understand the celestial mecanisms thought many animations!

Ptolemy Universe app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad provides you, through modern tools, an easy way to discover and understand how planets move around the Sun. Comparing the Geogentric view, avalaible with a simple touch, to the Heliocentric view, all those whose wish is to understand the complex mecanisms of the Universe can easily discover all the evolution of astronomic theories.

In fact, Ptolemy Universe application for iOS Devices allows you to discover the Solar System in two ways. In the first mode, Earth is set in the center of the solar system, as the geocentric view. The second mode, the Sun is the center, as the heliocentric view.

Ancient Greeks, looking at stars, inventend more than 2000 years ago a projection of the Universe that set, with a good accuracy, the position of the fives "nakes eyes" planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). Although this model is clearly false, its comprehesion is fundamental for those who want to discover the astronomic history throught the evolution of the theories which describe the study of the Universe. This is why the study of the astronomic theory formulated by the Greek-Roman astronomer Ptolemy, born in 90 A.D. and died in 168 A.D. in Egypt, reveals even today, despite all the technological means we have to understand the mecanism of Universe, its interest and actuality.

Moreover, because of its ease of use, this unique application can be used by all those who wish to study the history of astronomy, focusing in particular the development of the vision of the universe throughout the evolutions of astronomical projections. In particular, through a precise calculation of the position of the stars and the orbits, it is possible to understand the thought of Ptolemy's universe as well as the roots of modern astronomy.

Many in fact are the uses recommended: to discover the world starting with little knowledge thanks to a very simple interface and intuitive process; for the most advanced, to understand the ancient geocentric projection of the position of the stars through a calculation very accurate comparing it to the heliocentric view.